Setup CICD for node js app by using AWS CodeDeploy

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Create IAM group with policy below, say grp-code-deploy


Create a user with user group just set, codedeploy-bitbucket, as this example use bitbucket as repository hub

Save csv file, key pair for later use

Next, Create an S3 bucket which store the source code deploy from bitbucket

Enter bucket name

default options

Create IAM Role to associate with the code deploy, choose EC2 as we now configure code deploy to EC2

Add permission policies AWSCodeDeployRole and AmazonS3FullAccess

Input the role name your want and create, e.g. “role-code-deploy-ec2”, then submit and role created.

Next, click the role just created in role list, and navigate to Trust relationships tab, Edit trust relationship and edit JSON as below

"Version": "2012-10-17",
"Statement": [
"Effect": "Allow",
"Principal": {
"Service": [
"Action": "sts:AssumeRole"

Suppose you have an EC2 instance, e.g. an Ubuntu 18.04 server,

Go to EC2 console page and modify IAM Role

Or create new instance and set IAM role during initialising instance

Setup Code Deploy in Application level

Go to Developer Tools > CodeDeploy > Application, you can search in Console by typing “CodeDeploy”

Input Application name, and choose Compute platform as EC2/On-premises

Next under this application, create deployment group

Enter information, deployment group name, as you want and Service Role, which is the iam role made before

Environment configuration

Select Amazon EC2 instances, by typing Key = Name, and the tag (optional) which code will deploy to

Agent configuration with AWS Systems Manager

I choose Never as next session, I will describe how to install agent manually.

Deployment settings

Choose CodeDeployDefault.AllAtOnce

Load balancer

Disable load balancing


Disable rollbacks

Install CodeDeploy Agent manually in EC2

Refer to AWS official guideline,

Now we are using ubuntu 18.04, ssh to EC2, then install below

sudo apt-get install rubysudo apt-get install wget

then go to your user folder

cd /home/{user}

then input command below to install agent

As this example use Singapore region, i.e.


Change mod of install

chmod +x ./install

Install latest version of CodeDeploy

sudo ./install auto

Deploy file locate at


Log file locate at


Setup Bitbucket Pipeline

First enable pipeline

Define Deployment variables

Base on different environment, to define variables used, the environment name need to be the same as the environment name in bitbucket-pipeline.yml. below are the Name

AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY // the s3 secret access key we made in IAM
AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID // the s3 access key we made in IAM


If sometime / initial deploy not works, hangs, you can restart the agent

sudo service codedeploy-agent restart